About Us

Feel the Love

Love and Shea is the premier online destination for masterfully blended natural hair and body care products. 

About Us

Originally founded by Naateki (a.k.a Nelly) in 2010 in Toronto by then Operations Manager, this company has quickly grown. Mike and Naateki, partners in love and business, put Love and Shea in every handcrafted artisan product.


This boutique bath and body company focuses on bringing the best, all natural ingredients to men and women of the world. Naateki, born to Ghanian parents though it seemed only logical to share one of Ghana’s beauty secrets with the world: Shea butter. So there’s Love and Shea in every nourishing beauty and grooming product. Love - because every item is handcrafted with superior, all natural ingredients. Shea - because each product contains nourishing, hydrating Ghanian shea butter.


You’ll find decadent, eco-friendly products like Naateki’s favorite, the Moisturizing Buttercreme and Mike’s quadruple threat Beard Shampoo. What you won’t find at Love and Shea is a long list of hard to pronounce, unrecognizable chemicals crowding the ingredient lists. With the great care taken to create every product, Mike and Naateki pride themselves on providing an experience in every jar that will leave customers feeling loved and nourished.


Naateki draws her motivation and inspiration from family. She seeks to be a great role model and example to their daughter so that she realizes from an early age, hard work pays off. Naateki’s parents are a great source of inspiration as well, citing their hard work and sacrifice as a major well of strength.


Whether you dive into luxe, eco-friendly bath bombs, hair and body butters, shampoo & conditioner bars, beard care, or whipped body butter, Mike and Naateki just want to bring a little Love and Shea to your life.